Still... Good Guy Oracle!

: By Cattechie

The database emperor is facing a cutting-edge threat from it's rivals. The MySQL prime sponsor has to get up their chair work a way out of the competitive corporate mob attacks. There are companies which has claimed losses due to Oracle's product - Java but, none of them has shown the impact on their financials, also, the software company which acquired Sun microsystems, had to face criticism for their stable security on one of the greatest architecture. Java. Just like how it happens in India, the media across (blog journos esp. like TechCrunch - AOL - Post by Alex Williams) have been seen criticising the company. They claimed that Oracle lost $5.6Bn every quarter since it acquired Sun microsystems on Jan 27, 2010.
However, their financials does not state any loss, infact it shows a raise of $2.5bn in first quarter of acquiring the software giant Sun. There was a huge uproar after this acquition, notable people left Oracle for good, one of them was the Canadian computer scientist, also known as Father of Java Programming Language - James Gosling. Further to add up, Gosling joined Google and was notably working for Android where he left Google within 6 months of joining and claimed that Android needed a better leadership for its architecture. Sun had been liberal in not to patent the genetic code, but that does not mean they do not understand that Google has slimmed Sun's product. From a programmers perspective, Gosling is right, Android has a loose Java library and arbitrary code work is one of the reasons, people who develop on Android finds it difficult to work on other sects of Java.

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